Are you fascinated by the world underwater? Then fancy yourself with the best remote controlled submarine with camera according to your budget. These rc submarines can get you acquainted with every inch of the sea without any hassle. However, the only real problem lying between you and marine exploration is the selection of the best remote controlled submarine with camera. Therefore, we have tried to address all of your queries regarding the selection and technicalities of an remote controlled submarine with camera.   


When it comes to remote controlled submarine with camera, There are tons of options available. This particular domain is quite diversified with companies like Power Vision, Chasing innovation, Joom, Timpant constantly rolling out new innovative products. 

Above all, we don’t want you to endure the hassle of going through the reviews of different products to find the best rc submarine for you. We have created a simplified guide for you that will describe every little factor that you have to accumulate while choosing a remote submarine with camera.


The power of a submarine dictates the maximum depth a remote control sub can dive below without losing the signal. You can do just fine with a lower power rc submarine with camera if you are a photographer.

But if you are after thrill and adventure then opt for a higher-powered remote controlled submarine with camera. It can remain in the water for long periods of time and can travel deeper making you more acquainted with the aquaculture.

Most of the rc subs with camera contain the signal transmitting power of 27Mhz – 40 Mhz. Such subs can dive anywhere between 25 to 45 meters.


Best rc submarines can penetrate as deep as 45 meters under the water without severing the connection. Some toymakers have designed remote control submarines for pool. It can dive only 3 – 4 meters deep though.  

In case of a wireless rc submarine, the penetration also depends upon the environment you are using your remote control sub in. It can travel deeper in Rivers, Pools and Ponds than Sea. It is due to the presence of salt which halts the transfer of radio signals. 


All rc subs with camera are designed to withstand a specific amount of pressure. Therefore if the pressure of the water exceeds this limit, it can shatter the rc submarine into pieces. The pressure range tends to differ in seawater and freshwater due to the presence of salts. 

So always accumulate the amount of pressure that your remote control submarine can withstand before inserting it into the water. The max pressure limit of an rc sub with the camera is 5 atm which in fact is a rare case. Majority of the rc subs won’t even survive water pressure of 3.5 atm.


An rc underwater camera is the only source of obtaining underwater footage. They are stealthy enough to avoid disturbing the schools of fish. The quality of the footage you want to obtain is directly dependent on the quality of your camera. 

All of the products present in our researched list are at least 1080p. Most of the newer versions have resolution equaling 1080p or higher. You can also enjoy videos with 4K resolution from your rc sub with camera.


Nowadays, most of the submarines are coming with a wire tethered to a buoy which controls its every movement. Wireless submarines are a little bit risky as there is no way to retrieve them if things go South.  

Tethered rc subs with camera are also preferred due to their trait of showing the live footage which is captured by an rc underwater camera. In this way, the operator can more efficiently control the movements of the remote submarine with camera. 

The operator can watch the live video stream on mobile, LCDs depending on the model. Most recently, rc submarine fpv have revolutionised this whole industry. It gives the operator the privilege to see through the camera’s lens and grants a first-person view using special goggles.   

The length of the cable of a tethered rc submarine with camera lies between 50 to 200 meters. 


There are two parts in an rc submarine that aids it in its movement in the water i.e Thrusters or Propellers. 

Thrusters are responsible for steering and maintaining the balance of remote controlled submarines. They are quite powerful as they help the submarine in changing directions amidst the powerful current. Some high-end submarines also have a self-balance control system to make it even easier to steer. 

Propellers in the ac submarine are responsible for its pace. A remote controlled submarine has to face challenging currents while moving forward. The average speed of an  is 2-3 meters per second. It fluctuates greatly depending upon the weather conditions, water currents and the power of propellers.





Chasing Innovation Gladius Mini

Power Vision PowerRay Underwater 4K Camera

Chasing Innovation Dory

PowerVision Power Dolphin

Thor Robotics 110ROV

YouCan Robot BW Space Pro 4K

PowerVision Power Dolphin

We have done an extensive research, eliminating all the low-key products which didn’t meet our criterion of the best submarine with high power and camera resolution. These rc submarines with camera will deliver you the best possible results without being a strain on your pocket.

1. Chasing Innovation Gladius Mini



  • Maximum Depth – 100 meters to 50 meters
  • Control – Wireless remote. umbilical to Wi-Fi unit 
  • Camera – 4K 
  • Battery Life – 4 hours 
  • Speed – 4 Knots 
  • Dimensions – 383 x 223 x 137 mm 
  • Weight – 2.5Kg

It is a perfect remote control submarine kit and vendors have given exclusive attention to details. Everything you will require in your future voyage comes with it. It is a one-time investment and saves you from a lot of hassle.

It has a decent speed and size is also not that big. You can easily control it via wireless remote. But the most amazing feat of this model is its convenience. They provide everything from a bag to the towel in this model. They deal with every little problem that their buyer can face.

  • Comes in a comfy bag with portions for every accessory. It will eliminate the need to hassle finding a bag that is a perfect fit.
  • Assembling this rc submarine is also a piece of cake. You can easily assemble and disassemble it by just reading the manuals.
  • A protective towel also comes with the backpack. It will ease the utility of remote controlled submarine on a coast rock. You can easily set it up there.
  • Its durability is off the charts too. It is solidly designed to withstand the tough marine environments.
  • It also has a feature called depth-lock. With this feature, Your RC submarine will stay in any specific depth you command it to. This feature is inspired by the altitude-lock of flying drones.
  • It also arrives with 64 GB storage. You can easily save high-quality 4K videos and images without running out of the storage capacity.
  • Its response rate is also up the notch. With its 5 high-powered Thrusters, You can tilt or move around your submarine very smoothly.
  • It also comes with 1200 Lumen headlights that can brighten up even the pitch-black darkness.
  • It has protective caps associated with the 50 meters and 100 meters umbilical which can easily be lost underwater or even on the surface. But with little focus, You can overcome this drawback.

2. Power Vision PowerRay Underwater 4K Camera



  • Color – white
  • Weight – 8.5 pounds
  • Still resolution – 12 MP
  • Memory – 64 GB sd card.
  • Deep drive – It can deep dive almost 30 meters underwater.
  • Camera – Can shoot 12MP still photos with a 4 UHD camera.

This RC submarine takes the crown as the best submarine for underwater exploration and filmmaking. It clicks a fascinating image and is ideal for fishing, mapping and exploring the aquatic life and culture. 

Power Ray Vision comes equipped with Fishfinder Sonar which can help you locate the schools of fishes and drop magnetic bait at a suitable location. The power vision glasses can also provide you with an immersive first-person experience.

  • Due to its large memory of 64 GB, Storing large and high-quality videos and images won’t be a problem.
  • Their customer care services are also very active.
  • It is designed in such a sleek way that it won’t be disturbing marine life. There aren’t any sharp edges and the materials used are also non-toxic.
  • The result of the camera is also commendable and provides you with in-depth results.
  • Its compactness with a smartphone can give users a unique experience while fishing or exploring.
  • With this model, You won’t be compromising on the durability either. It is built to withstand harsh environments underwater.
  • If you are venturing in the sea at night, It also has twin headlights two illuminate the darkness. Your vision won’t be hindered in any situation.
  • Its only drawback is the length of its umbilical. Which is relatively shorter than its competitors.

3. Chasing Innovation Dory



  • Maximum Depth – 15 Meter 
  • Control via – Umbilical to Wi-Fi unit, phone app 
  • Camera result – 1080p 
  • Battery Power – 1 hour 
  • Speed – 1.5 Knots 
  • Wide – 188mm 
  • Weightage – 2.5Kg

Dory comes from the same company that provided us with the amazing gladius mini. This remote controlled mini-submarine contains every trait of Gladius mini, just in a smaller size. It is the best choice for you if you don’t know how to operate a radio-controlled submarine.

If you are a novice marine photographer, Opting for chasing innovation dory is the best-suited option for you. It is a low-risk, easily handled and relatively cheap product. Its camera quality may not be perfect but it is above average at a recording quality of 1080p.  

  • It has a charming bright yellow colour and also a sleek design.
  • This model is perfect for beginners. You can test and enhance your rc submarine piloting skills on it. It is relatively cheaper and also very easy to operate.
  • It is actually a smaller version of Gladius mini. So it also contains 5 thrusters. Its manoeuvrability is also quite smooth.
  • Like its upgraded version, It is also capable of depth-lock.
  • Even with such a smaller size, Its camera can offer a resolution of 1080p.
  • Since it can dive only as deep as 15 meters, So darkness won’t be a problem here. But still, it comes with a 250 lumens light.
  • Its umbilical is shorter and it can dive only 15 meters deep which is way shorter than other models in the market.

4. PowerVision Power Dolphin



  • Control – Wireless Remote Control 
  • Camera Result – 4K / 12 Mp 
  • Battery life – 5,800 mAh and can last up to 2 hours 
  • Sonar availability – Optional 
  • Advance features – Self-righting and GPS 
  •  Speed – 10 knots 
  • Dimensions – 530 x 230 x 130mm 
  • Weight – 2.3 Kg

This model is more of a remote control boat with camera than a submarine. You can use it to capture panoramas from both underwater and outer environment. Fishers have no particular use for this model and is mostly used in marshy lakes. It can float above the water and isn’t tethered to any buoy or whatsoever.

Thanks to GPS, you can be that your investment will be safe. Even if you lost it to the high tides, you can easily recover it. Its camera quality is also exceptional. Both under and above water.

It may not dive in the water, but everything else is perfect. It is mostly used in lakes, ponds and muddy areas where diving deep isn’t required.

  • This rc submarine can only float above the water and can give you views of both water and sky.
  • If you are used to piloting aerial drones then controlling it will be a walk in the park. It has a remote control in which your cell phone can fit easily and can be used as a screen.
  • Its camera can be tilted and extended for a commendable 150 degrees downwards in the water or 70 degrees above towards the sky. Even with all these features, the vendors did not compromise on image quality. You can enjoy 4k footage using this submarine.
  • It also contains bait dropping box, GPS thanks to its presence above the surface and Sonar mapping which is a cherry on the top.
  • It wasn’t designed to dive into the water.

5. Thor Robotics 110ROV



  • Control via – Umbilical to the base station 
  • Camera quality – 4K / 12 Megapixel   
  • Battery life – 4 hours 
  • Sonar availability – Optional 
  • Maximum speed – 1.5 Knots 
  • Dimensions – 360 x 200 x 200 mm 
  • Weightage – 4.2Kg

If you are an underwater explorer then this is the best option for you. Other than granting you 3D vision from under the water, it also enables you to fetch anything from the water. Its arm can extend out and grab anything under the weight limit of 10 KG.

Its strength and durability are its distinct attributes. It is designed to survive rough environments and can easily bear a few jerks. Since it is used for commercial use, it has high battery life and appears to be a little bit heavy. Its cameras are also of 4K quality. 

  • strong thrusters that can enhance the ease of manoeuvrability.
  • It has a special arm that can bring up any object with a weight less than 10 Kg from the seabed.
  • It consists of dual 300 Lumens LEDs that will enhance your visibility underwater.
  • It has a 100 meters lengthy cable which can dive as deep as 30 meters.
  • It is designed for commercial use. So its exterior is coarse and crude. It doesn’t have a shred of elegance.

6. YouCan Robot BW Space Pro 4K



  • Maximum depth – 100 meters 
  • Control via – Wired remote and wireless surface unit 
  • Camera quality – 4K and 12 MP 
  • Battery life – 5 hours  
  • Maximum Speed – 3 Knots 
  • Dimensions – 380 x 348 x 168mm 
  • Weightage – 3.9Kg

This model is best suited for photographers and designed keeping their queries in mind. It has an amazing 6X zoom which is an amazing innovation. It can also last way longer in water as compared to the other models. 

The only downsides in this otherwise perfect submarine are its speed and stability which can be better. Its pace is average and can move in the water at 3 knots. But its stability is below average. Some of its models can’t even tilt on either side which makes it quite difficult to steer.

  • It is specifically designed for Photographers and comes with a camera that offers 6X zoom.
  • It has AI object traffic feature installed in it.
  • Its built is also unique and stylish.
  • Its instability downgrades its worth. Some models even aren’t capable of Left and Right tilting.

7. Gene Inno Titan ROV  



  • Depth range – 150 meters 
  • Control via – Wired remote to the wireless unit.
  • Camera quality4K 
  • Battery Power – 4 hours 
  • Speed limit – 13 Knots 
  • Dimensions – 380x348x168mm 
  • Weightage – 4.5 Kg

This is one of the fastest submarine with camera due to its massive 6 thrusters. It will swim like a real dolphin under the water. But this doesn’t mean that it will disturb marine life in any way possible. It swims so stealthily that the fishes won’t even notice its presence. Unless you enter this ROV in the fish school.

It also has a relatively larger size. The vendors have not compromised on its durability too. It can survive a few knocks without even a scratch. It can also dive quite deeper and reach a depth of 150 meters.

  • With six thrusters, It is one of the speediest remote controlled submarines with camera.
  • Grabbing arm is also available in this model but it is optional.
  • With all these amazing features, you will have to compromise on image quality. As its camera tends to be unstable.


With this rapid advancement in technology, everyday a new product with different capabilities is arriving in the market. Thanks to social media, information is been bombarded at us which tends to confuse the customer. This is why we decided to carve up a one-go article that equips you with all the necessary information needed to choose the best rc sub with camera. 



This is a major concern that most of the potential buyers usually have. So, we thought of clearing it once for all. 

No! rc subs with camera don’t pose any environmental threat. They aren’t running on any kind of fuel so wastage pollution is out of the question. They are also silent observers and fishes won’t even notice their presence. So, the consequences of your actions won’t be suffered by the marine environment.


If your submarine goes out of range and turns unresponsive than you can always retrieve it by pulling your umbilical. But if by chance, you are using a wireless submarine and water is also shallow, then it can pose a problem.  


If you have a little know-how about gadgets then controlling an RC submarine won’t be a problem for you. It is just like flying an aerial drone, you will need little to no practice at all.

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