Top 5 Best Water Table for Toddlers in 2021


To support the emotional and physical growth of your kids, buy your kid the best water table for toddlers. Choosing a low-profile water table demands to look on various aspect. The great kid’s water tables can be chosen considering the space and coverage, canopy, design, and extras.

For your convenience, we have enlisted the best rated water table for toddlers considering the productivity and price.

A Buying Guide To The Best Water Table For Toddlers

To buy the best water table for kids, you need to consider some significant factors. These factors include covering canopy, storage, space, design, and accessories. If you will consider these factors, you will be able to choose the best water play tables for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Compare all the products so that you can pick the best water tables of 2021.

Covering Canopy

  • If you don’t find much shade in your yard, you definitely want to hunt for a water table with a canopy or an umbrella. While UVB rays are obstructed by the clouds, rays from UVA can still be harmful.
  • Some of the more complicated water tables include features such as strainers, water labyrinths and water wheels. You have many of options to pick from if that interests you.


  • Some tables may be provided with cloths and other storage rooms. If you plan to leave the water table out, that will be helpful.
  • Bug and other critics may be lurking; the pests will remain away and the purging will be much easier if a lid is placed over the top of the table.


  • You may still want to bear in mind the size when shopping if you live in or share outside space with others.
  • Most water tables will not give you a problem because they will fit quite easily in a corner on a porch or balcony. Some companies also produce smaller water tables, ideal for younger kids.


  • When the aesthetics of the backyard matter, one of the precious wood or iron water tables can be worth spraying.
  • They are more appealing than the multi-colored plastic counterparts and are also highly robust and will survive with good care for a long period.


  • Most water tables feature their fair number of activities and supplies such as scooping cups, but it is probably more significant that less usual accessories such as shade.
  • You can also see tables with specific characteristics, such as several drain plugs to facilitate emptying and cleaning.

Top 5 Best Water Table for Toddlers

One great way to assure that your kids’ development stage doesn’t fall behind during summer vacations or even during a pandemic is to engage their senses in creative and fun toys. This is where our list of the best water table for toddlers come in handy. With these activity tables, your kid will stay engaged and entertained for hours.




Little Tikes Mermaid Island

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship

Step 2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

Children’s Factory Kids Sand and Water Playset

Little Tikes Island Wavemaker Water Table

1. Little Tikes Mermaid Island


This large-scale water table has five built-in play stations, thus multiple kids can play at once. Using its all-new Wavemaker Wheel design, the kids will just have to turn the steering wheel in order to create a wave that will bounce all around this table.

Another fun feature of this table are the mermaid-themed characters that the kids can play around with. These characters include two narwhals, two mermaids, one oyster shell and water bucket. Interactive elements that help create various opportunities for creative role play include spinning palm tress and places to hide

2. Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship


Next up we have this little tikes water table that is pirated themed. So, in case your kid is obsessed with pirates then he/she would love to play creatively with this table.

Its spinning water features make sure that your kid doesn’t get bored. To pour water into the nest of the crow the table uses a pump. Plus, the center mast is there to serve constantly the water fountain, this fountain keeps the water flowing around the table.

Furthermore, the little seafarers can squirt water from the cannon. This table is ideal for kids that age 2 and above.

3. Step 2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table


The best thing about this step2 water table is that it will create a mini water park for your kids to play in, right in the backyard.

Kids can scoop water from the pond in the large bucket and pour it on the top tray to create a waterfall. This activates a rainfall effect and water splashes right into the pond. Plus, ramps, spinners and buckets are activated when the water drains into the pond.

Kids can rearrange the pieces of the maze to make new creative waterfalls. Another fun feature of this water table is that the kids can use the handheld spinning wheel in order to make spinning splash during the rain. They can also use the side flipper to flip the figures into the water pond.

All in all, this is one of the best water play table, that you can get your hands, on for toddlers. So make sure to try this step2 spill & splash seaway water table.

4. Children’s Factory Kids Sand and Water Playset


Next up we have a sand and water table which has a double and durable basin design. With the frame being galvanized steel and rust proof, you can rest assure that your investment will last a long time. Plus, the plastic used is sturdy and weather proof you can place the table outside with ease of mind.

For the observation of waterfall, the double-basin tub has been separated. Both of these basins have drain system and their bottom is textured with starfish, carbs and other fish. These extra features keep the senses of the toddler engaged.

To make it easy for you to change the tables locations and to secure it into the place, it has been designed with 4 cater. 2 of these Casters lock into the place. As the table has been made form sturdy material so you place it both indoor and outdoor. Lastly, the open area allows the kids to play from both sides. So, the kids can get together and enjoy each other companies while engaging with the water table

5. Little Tikes Island Wavemaker Water Table


Lastly, we have this unique water table which has not only has the new Wavemaker Wheel but also 5 built-in stations for playing.

Another prominent feature of this table is that it has enough room for multiple kids to play simultaneously at it. When the kids turn the steering wheel, waves are created which then bounce around in the table. On pouring water from the top, the central skull turns into a waterfall.

With the island themed characters such as a pirate boat, mermaid, shark, treasure chest, and water bucket the creative elements are infinite. Other interactive elements include places to hide treasure and palm trees that spin. In short, your kid will stay busy in imaginative role play while you tackle other tasks with ease.


Due to Covid’19 many parents are currently working from home and homeschooling their kids. Handling both these tasks daily might feel just like having double duty. In such cases having the best water table for toddlers might make the task easy for you. So, don’t hold back and purchase one of the shortlisted items above.


1. How do I keep my kids water table clean?

In order to keep the water table, clean you will have to wipe the surface with a solution of two teaspoons of bleach with one gallon of water. Its recommended that you let this solution sit for around 2 minutes, after that you wash, rinse, and then air dry the table.

2. What type of play is sand and water?

Sand and water play enhance social and emotional skills. Such tables and games provide opportunities for the toddler to practice cooperative play and sharing. Plus, it helps the kid explore and enjoy the sensory experience while playing with manipulating fluids.

3. What age are water tables for?

The most recommended age for water play tables are 3 to 5 years. A water table made for kids of two to six years have the capacity to hold water up to seven gallons. If you are looking for the best water table for two year old, we will recommend you buying little tikes mermaid island.

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