Best Smart Speakers for Any Occasion — Buying Guide 2021


As technology improves, so does our desire for more convenient and hands-free experiences. Consequently, it’s still a must-have item as we enter the holiday season. These tiny devices can do more than just play tunes — they come equipped with voice assistants that can help you make and answer calls, shop online, and even manage your smart home system. That’s probably why consumers bought $4.66 billion worth of smart speakers last year, and are expected to buy $2.98 billion more this year.

If you’re looking for a smart speaker to make your life more convenient, you might be wondering which one will be the best for your needs. This quick and simple list can get you started.

JBL Link Portable

Key Features
– Feature-rich
– Small yet durable
– Streamlined design
– High sound quality


When it comes to affordable smart speakers, the Link Portable takes the cake. At just over 1.5 pounds, it’s travel-friendly but still powerful enough to produce sounds that fill a room. An IPX7 rating makes it fully waterproof at depths of up to 3 feet. Most importantly, it comes jam-packed with a battery life of up to 8 hours, AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and Google Assistant. It also has a convenient charging cradle and supports streaming via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Meanwhile, a premium design makes you doubt that it’s a budget speaker at all.

Google Nest Hub Max

Key Features
– Compatible with multiple devices
– 10″ HD display
– 127-degree wide-angle camera
– Personalizes information per user


For smart homeowners, look no further than the Nest Hub Max. A printed circuit board with high signal integrity allows it to seamlessly connect with multiple smart home devices like Ring doorbells and Hue lighting systems. Its expansive display lets you make video calls and stream cooking videos from the kitchen. You even get a built-in camera that can recognize individual users and pull up relevant information like upcoming calendar events, favorite music playlists, and messages.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Gen)

Key Features
– Unique sound profile system
– Water- and dust-proof
– Long battery life
– Compact hands-free experience


The Beosound A1 is perfect if you prefer a lighter, more minimalistically designed speaker. It weighs just over a pound, has a battery life of up to 48 hours, and is both water- and dust-proof, making it perfectly designed for the outdoors. Yet it doesn’t compromise on sound. A signature “Beosonic” dial allows you to switch between sound profiles ranging from “energetic” to “relaxed.” Its compact design also means it’s perfect for anywhere in your home, allowing you to play tunes or even attend to business calls from your bedside or even your living room couch.

Audio Pro Addon C5A

Key Features
– Stylish design
– Multiroom speaker system
– Premium build and feel
– Dynamic & timed sound quality


The C5A looks like a streamlined stereo, but it can do much more. Its unique multi-room design allows you to use Alexa to seamlessly switch between Addon devices no matter where they’re placed at home. Twin tweeters and an exposed woofer provide a rich bass as well as clearer rhythm and dynamics. A clearly labeled metal panel, leather carry handle, and rubber feet make the Addon C5A easier to use and give an additional premium feel that lets you know you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

With so many smart speakers to choose from, you’re sure to find one perfect for your needs. Yet these 4 speakers stand out thanks to unique features that can only enhance the user experience. Check out our site for more comprehensive buying guides.

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