Top 7 Best German Watches Under 500 To Buy Today

Wristwatches are the most classy invention of all time. A wrist sporting a tasteful watch affixes to the overall elegance of one’s personality. Watch is the only accessory that can be termed as a graceful ornament for either men or women. We have Some top list of top best german watches under 500.

However, to own a long-lasting and stylish watch is not very affordable for many around the world. That is exactly why; our team has come up with a list of 7 best german watches under 500 dollars. German watches are durable, sophisticated, and carry an air of rarity. German watches are a treat for sore eyes and souls due to their uniquely minimalistic and pleasing aesthetics.

What to Expect From the Best German Watches Under 500 Dollars: Some Factors to Pay Heed to Before Paying

 Here are some must-haves for a watch that you may want to check the boxes for when buying a watch.

What is the watch made up of and how long-lasting it is?

Material and durability are intertwined and are the most essential factors when it comes to a watch. Since the whole body of a watch consists of two main parts named dial and straps/bracelet. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

  • Dial: The quality of glass used in the watch’s dial determines the durability, water, and scratch resistance and shock absorption ability.

German watches make use of sapphire crystal to manufacture their dials. Sapphire crystal holds a reputable position among dial glasses for its timelessness.

Straps/bracelet is of the following material:

  • Stainless steel: If a watch has a steel bracelet, we suggest you inquire about the steel’s grade that is being used in making of the watch’s bracelet. Steel grade decides the corrosion resistance of the strap. Anything below a 316L degree should not be acceptable at all. The greater the degree of steel, the better corrosion and luster resistance of the straps.
  • Heavy-duty plastic/ leather: Both the material should be genuine and robust enough to not break easily at the slightest damage.

Price range

It is a lot easier and time-saving to set a price range according to your finances and then stream for German watches under that range. But since we’ve already decided on the price range below $500, you’re exempted from this task. We will recommend the best affordable german watch brands.

Expensive is not synonymous with excellence.   German timepieces are also known as dress watches because of their luxurious designs and hence are expensive. But don’t worry, not all of them are out of our league and we can surely pick the best affordable one.

Reputable and Reliable Brand

Many German companies manufacture watches. Some brands make highly expensive luxury timepieces and then other user-friendly brands manufacture quality watches in affordable price ranges. For instance, Lange Söhne, Nomos Glashütte Original, and Junghans Meister manufacture high end german watches, and their prices float in thousands.

The brand’s reputation also plays a role in the watch’s functionality and durability. To know which brand suits your requirements better. This will give you a fair idea about brands and their products’ quality.


German timepieces either have automatic movement or quartz movement. Both are efficient and accurate.

Top 7 Best German Watches Under 500




Graf Zeppelin Dual Time Big Date Watch 7640-1

Mil-Tec Luftwaffe Me

Zeppelin Men's Watch

Laco Augsburg Type A Dial German Automatic Pilot Watch

Roue HDS Men's Watch

GRAF Zeppelin Chronograph and Alarm Watch

Junkers 6970-3 G38

1. Graf Zeppelin Dual Time Big Date Watch 7640-1 – Best German Watches Under 500 Dollars


Key features:

  • Product of: Graf Zeppelin
  • Band Material Type: Leather  
  • Color of the dial: Black

This watch Graf Zeppelin can be adorned by both the sexes: male and female. Of course, as the best german watches under 500 dollars, Zeppelin Dual Time Big Date Watch 7640-1 tells time but the exciting part is that it shows the date as well. Don’t bother looking at a calendar for the date now, just turn your eyes to this vintage looking piece and stay updated.

Customer reviews suggested Zeppelin Dual Time Big Date Watch 7640-1 is the best companion of wanderers and travelers and consider these the best german watches for men. Undoubtedly thee watches are one of the credible options for the best german watches under 200.

  • Relatively cheaper
  • Wraps around wrist perfectly
  • Travel friendly
  • Chronograph style
  • Scratch-resistance isn’t its strength

2. Mil-Tec Luftwaffe Me – Best German Made Watches


Key features:

  • Product of: CamoOutdoor
  • Band Material Type:    Leather  
  • Color of the dial: Brown

With a heavy bifocal glass dial, Mil-Tec Luftwaffe Me by CamoOutdoor can be sported for everyday usage and look new every time.  These best german made watches with a vintage aura and durability and fine outlook make it to the list of german made wrist watches.

Mil-Tec Luftwaffe Me is available under 100 dollars. However, given the price, this particular watch is not water and scratch proof. Customer reviews tell us another story. According to them, it is not commonly available and everyone is looking to add this vintage-looking piece to their wardrobe.

  • A pleasing aesthetic vintage
  • Easily affordable
  • Can be worn every day
  • No warranty
  • No waterproofing

3. Zeppelin Men’s Watch – Best Affordable Mens Watches


Key features:

  • Product of: Zeppelin
  • Band Material Type:    Leather  
  • Color of the dial: White

This particular wrist accessory is a pleasing reminiscent of the old golden times and one of the options for the best affordable mens watches. Laco Type B Dial Miyota Automatic Pilot Watch exhibits the more than perfect blend of vintage class and modern technology.

The manufacturer uses super luminova C3 gloss on hands, markers, and dial. Affixing to this feature is the grey-black dial with a finishing touch of green on the components of the dial. This watch also has the feature of visibility in darkness.

  • Visibility in darkness
  • The aesthetically pleasing color combination of the dial
  • Classic design with WWII inspiration
  • Robust manufacturing
  • Lightweight
  • No date window

4. Laco Augsburg Type A Dial German Automatic Pilot Watch – Best Watches For the Money


Key features:

  • Product of: Laco
  • Band Material Type:    Leather
  • Color of the dial: Black

Laco Augsburg Type A Dial German Automatic Pilot Watch presents us with an analog display and automatic movement that makes the watch a precise and simple timepiece that keeps on ticking. These are some of the best german made automatic watches.

Dial secured with a sapphire crystal and complimented with the extra security of prime quality stainless steel case. Laco Augsburg Type A Dial German Automatic Pilot Watch shines bright with a finishing of super luminova on the hour, minute, and second hands. It sports a genuine leather strap of brown color that is inspired by WII expeditions. These clearly are some of the reliable options for the best watches for the money.

Featuring a 50 mm water resistance, this watch has no slot to tell us about the date.

  • Highly durable
  • Super easy readability
  • Up to 50 mm of water- resistance
  • Self-winding movement and accurate time telling
  • No date function

5. Roue HDS Men’s Watch – Best Affordable Mens Watches


Key features:

  • Product of: ROUE
  • Band Material Type: Silicone + Nylon front/leather back
  • Color of the dial: Grey & Black

Looking for the best affordable mens watches? A unique and sporty watch exclusive designed for men, As a German watch, Roue HDS Men’s Watch carries a finishing style of a chronograph, but it’s not a luxury piece. Instead, this particular wrist auxiliary is athletic and sporty.

A sapphire glass dial protected with 316L grade stainless steel case, Roue HDS Men’s Watch Comes with two straps so you can buckle it on your wrist however you fancy. We’ve got choices with this one folk. With Miyota movement hands, this piece is highly water-resistant. So if you forget to take it off before taking a shower, it’s completely fine. Shower and swim worry-free our dear sportsmen.

  • Higher water resistance
  • Rugged and robustly sporty
  • Extra straps
  • The sapphire crystal used isn’t of the finest quality

6. GRAF Zeppelin Chronograph and Alarm Watch – Best German Watches Under 300 Dollars


Key features:

  • Product of: Zeppelin
  • Band Material Type:    Leather
  • Color of the dial: White

The next up in the list is GRAF Zeppelin Chronograph and Alarm Watch. As the name indicates, it tells time and wakes you up as well. This stylish and chic timepiece looks amazing on the wrist with its high-grade stainless steel bracelet and mineral glass dial. It falls well in the category of the best german watches under 300 dollars.

Our experts gave us a word that GRAF Zeppelin Chronograph is more suitable for men because of its overall look. But women who are aware of their style game can rock it as well. So, not only is it a good option for the best affordable watches for men but also the best affordable women’s watches.

According to the customer reviews, people consider it as the best gift for each other. However, this piece is a little expensive given that it doesn’t carry a sapphire glass dial.

  • Nice durability
  • Looks marvelous on the wrist
  • Matches with formal outfits
  • Comparatively costly considering the features

7. Junkers 6970-3 G38 – High End German Watches


Key features:

  • Product of: JUNKERS
  • Band Material Type:    Leather
  • Color of the dial: Silver

Are you a fan of the classic black and white color combination? We’ve got a perfect wrist accessory for you here. Junkers 6970-3 G38 Men’s Quartz Watch combines black leather strap and black dial with white silverfish luminous 60-minute scale dots and hour, minute, second hands. This watch lets you see time and date in darkness as well with an incandescent white glow. Watches from this brand are considered some of the best high end german watches.

This specific model by Junkers has a very luxurious look. Though it has excellent scratch resistance, we will not recommend this to divers or other extreme sports players as this watch has only 30 meters of water resistance.

  • Genuine leather strips
  • Luxurious design
  • Aesthetically adorned black dial
  • Timeless and durable
  • Water-resistance only up to 30 meters


Add a German-made watch to your wrist accessories draw and forget about its expiry date. Any watch that comes out of a German manufacturer is ensured to keep ticking and attract admiration from every onlooker with its aesthetically pleasing minimalistic designs.

We hope that our research helps you in your exploration and choosing stages of buying a standard quality German watch, worthy of your money and personality. Time to get the best watches for the money.

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If you still have questions about German watches, go through our FAQs to clear your doubts.

What is the most affordable German watch brand which has the finest watches in the store?

Zeppelin provides the best watches in terms of price to quality ratio. This company has mastered the art of making classy looking watches.

Is Junghans a Luxury Brand?

Yes, it is very much a luxury brand. However, it can’t be found much on advertisement places as compared to its contemporary luxury brands. It still attracts a large number of customers, timepiece enthusiasts, and art lovers due to its stylishly classic, unique, and robust watches.

Are German watches good watches?

Yes. German watches enjoy a good reputation globally for their durability, unique designs, exclusive features, and advanced technology.

Are German watches superior to Swiss?

Yes and no. while Swiss manufacturers centralize on aesthetics and luxury looks, German brands focus on technology, distinctiveness, and technology.

German watches emphasize more on their technical prowess, straightforward designs and

Is Glashutte a German brand?

Glashutte is very much a German-owned brand. German Watchmaking Museum located in the city of Glashutte is the place where this brand manufactures its timepieces.

Breitling brand is a german brand or a swiss brand?

Breitling isn’t a German brand.

It is situated in a Swiss city named Grenchen and is a well-reputed name for aviator’s chronometers and precise watches.

Is Nomos a good or a bad brand for watches?

Nomos is a good German timepiece luxury brand that produces some of the best models of quality watches.

Is it correct that Nomos watches are cheaper in Germany?

Yes. Nomos being a German brand offer their luxury wristwear timepieces at a relatively cheaper price than outside of German boundaries. Otherwise, being a luxury brand, its watches are quite costly.

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